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Natasha Felton is a psychiatric nurse practitioner with 17 years of experience. She practices integrative psychotherapy and psychopharmacology to help you overcome any difficulties that may get in your way. Natasha grew up in Europe and speaks Spanish and Italian. She trained as a Nurse Practitioner at University of California in San Francisco specializing in adult mental health. Natasha sees each person as an individual and works hard to get to know her clients. Natasha provides gentle and compassionate care to help you reach your goals and your optimal health.

Natasha works with each person to find the best treatment to fit your needs. She combines psychotherapy, medication management, lifestyle modification, supplements, and mind body practices.

Natasha works with individuals 15 years old and older and specializes in psychotherapy and medication management for substance use, depression, anxiety, and difficulties relating to chronic medical conditions such as HIV, cancer and others.  Natasha provides psychotherapy using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and and anger management approaches. Natasha looks forward to working with you to help find balance in your life for a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness.