We know that reaching out for help is hard and our goal is make it easier for you.

The first step is the initial consultation and evaluation, which is an opportunity to gather information about your strengths, difficulties, and factors that might be contributing to your symptoms in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis that will then guide treatment.

We offer expert care, up-to-date information, and treatment informed by research and experience, all in a comfortable and caring setting. We use an integrative approach incorporating both conventional and alternative approaches, depending on what best suits your needs. We work with psychotherapy and medications as well as mind-body treatments such as hypnosis and mindfulness, nutritional supplements, herbs, and dietary approaches. These principles will guide your care:

Attention To The Whole Person

We address all the unique things that make you you—your mind, body, spirit, and the environment and social context in which you live.

Optimal Emotional And Physical Health

The goal of care is for you to achieve optimal health and your highest level of functioning, in all aspects of your life.


Acceptance And Care

We know that kindness, grace, empathy and understanding are powerful healers. We accept and meet you wherever you are on your journey

Scientific Approach

Science and research evidence guide both your initial diagnostic evaluation and the ongoing care that we provide you.



We work with you not only to treat illness and crisis situations, but to prevent them before they occur. We empower you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Self-Healing Ability

An essential element of treatment is helping you to identify and strengthen your own self-healing abilities and the innate drive towards optimal wellbeing and function.


Integrative Approach

We have expertise in conventional and alternative modalities, and an open-minded approach to a wide variety of treatments and healing traditions. This enables us to tailor a treatment plan to fit your needs. We use the precisely the treatment—or combination of treatments—that will help you the most and bring you the fewest side effects

Patient Centered Care

We are committed to recognizing your unique experience and circumstances, and to providing care that respects your individuality.

Relationship Centered Care

We believe that the ideal patient – provider relationship is a partnership, where we work with you together as teammates toward your goals. We know that a relationship based on respect and the recognition of your autonomy, values and needs has the potential to be immensely healing and transformative.

Teaching By Example

We place high value on nurturing our own wellness, wholeness, and growth. This allows us to be more present, authentic, and knowledgable as we accompany you on your journey to your own optimal wellness.



All life experiences are profound learning opportunities and we all continue to grow and develop throughout our lives. We honor and respect your unique path of growth and development.

Shared Responsibility

Adults, adolescents and children recover and grown within a network of social supports and various care providers. We aim to support your network and facilitate collaboration and shared responsibility for your recovery and wellness.

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